Top 10 Rules of Communication

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At WJH, we value our clients greatly. One of the great tenants of the relationships with our clients is our ability to communicate succinctly and clearly. Below, please find our WJH’s Top 10 Rules of Communication that our team utilizes when beginning any engineering project we are contracted to perform. Keep client informed of project status Follow up with outside …

What is reserve Study BLOG 2021

What is a Reserve Study?

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A reserve study is a long-term budgetary planning tool provided to an owner or maintaining entity (ex: Homeowners Association) of a property. The study is a comprehensive inventory of site components, whose purpose is to give an estimate of the replacement and/or repair costs for site work, building construction, and furnishings over a set life expectancy. The quality of materials …

The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Engineering

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So how does Forensic Engineering Work? We get this question often, so we thought we’d share our Guide to Forensic Engineering. Our “assignment” often begins through a phone call or email from an insurance company adjuster professional, who is looking for a team of talented engineers to determine the cause of damage. Through the initial contact, the scope, location, and …

WJH Celebrates Engineers Week 2021

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This year, to celebrate National Engineers Week (February 21 – February 27) our team is making a donation to Engineers Without Borders in the hope of inspiring our future WJH team members. We are also highlighting our engineers! Meet our talented engineers & learn their favorite parts of their jobs! Walter Hopkin  What is the favorite part of your job? …

The Process Behind Building the River Links Luxury Apartments

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The River Links community consists of 180 luxury apartment units located on 26 acres in Ewing Township, Mercer County, NJ. This was a project that took multiple decades to develop and complete. Below, we will exhibit how this project was started, developed, and completed using our 8 Step Project Completion Process that we highlighted in our blog last month!   …

WJH Engineering’s 8 Step Project Completion Process

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Every project is unique and can come with its own difficulties or challenges. At WJH, we are ready to accept any challenges that come our way! The following is an example project for a Site Plan. We will show how the project starts with WJH Engineering as an idea and ends as a fully completed project.   Step 1: Brainstorm …

The Election & its Effects on the Housing Market

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Elections can create an air of confusion and uncertainty. Who will be the next president? What will the next four years be like? Those are just two of the questions that float around people’s minds during long, drawn out election seasons. While we can sit and theorize the answers to all of these questions and more, there is one thing …

wjh survey

Survey Says! : Changes Coming in 2022

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The current official horizontal and vertical datums of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) are NAD 83 and NAVD 88, respectively, commonly used among surveyors. However, over the near thirty-five years of both datums being used, many issues have been found. These issues are rooted in the fact that both datums are defined primarily by a network of passive geodetic …