Continuing Education at WJH Engineering

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Skilled workers are an essential asset for any business. They play an important role in developing a company’s reputation and ongoing success. Being in a field as dynamic and innovative as civil engineering and surveying, it is of utmost importance that our employees are familiar with the latest programs and standards used in the industry. To kick off the new …


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

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Most of our clients (contractors, builders, and commercial site owners/operators) are required to file and maintain a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). A SWPPP is a site-specific document that consists of plans and a written report addressing the sources of stormwater pollution present at a construction site. This pollution can be as simple as sediment, leaves and tree branches, or …


Septic Design Plans

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At WJH, we provide a wide range of services, including plot plans, subdivisions, site plans, surveys, septic design plans, and many others. A septic design plan is prepared when there is no public sewer available to a site. This can limit the size and scope of a project. A commercial building’s size can be constrained based on the availability of …

Hudson Pointe Redevelopment Project - Keyport NJ

Hudson Pointe Redevelopment Project – Keyport NJ

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WJH, along with the team of attorney Sal Alfieri of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri and Jacobs, Planner Christine Cofone, and Architect James Monteforte were recently successful in obtaining Planning board approval for an exciting mixed use residential development! This approval was the culmination of 2 years of coordination, cooperation and hard work from the team and the Borough’s professionals T&M Associates …

Operation & Maintenance Manual maintenance activities for all stormwater management systems

WJH’s O&M Manuals

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Most of our projects include the design of stormwater management systems, which can include detention basins, underground recharge systems, rain gardens, and more. However, in addition to the design and construction of these systems, it is imperative to keep in mind the day-to-day operation and recurring maintenance of these systems, to allow their continued ability to treat the stormwater runoff …

Innovation in Surveying – Leica GS18 I

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One of the most important stages in any civil engineering project is surveying the land. Surveyors work day in and day out collecting vital information about a project site for engineers to use in the design phase. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the data they collect is accurate and precise. Here at WJH Engineering, we are constantly re-investing …

What Is Green Infrastructure?

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On March 2nd of this year, the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) amended Stormwater Management rules went into effect. Under these rules, most projects are required to include Green Infrastructure into their stormwater management designs. Green Infrastructure refers to stormwater management practices that address stormwater runoff through soils, vegetation, or reuse. Some examples include the following: dry wells, pervious paving …


Regulations in Warehouse Development

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E-commerce was a business that boomed during the COVID pandemic so much so that businesses struggled to keep up with the demand. To be able to meet the demand of the consumer public, many e-commerce companies have started to look to warehousing to increase their ability to produce and distribute their products. However, this may become more difficult for these …


Top 10 Rules of Communication

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At WJH, we value our clients greatly. One of the great tenants of the relationships with our clients is our ability to communicate succinctly and clearly. Below, please find our WJH’s Top 10 Rules of Communication that our team utilizes when beginning any engineering project we are contracted to perform. Keep client informed of project status Follow up with outside …

What is reserve Study BLOG 2021

What is a Reserve Study?

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A reserve study is a long-term budgetary planning tool provided to an owner or maintaining entity (ex: Homeowners Association) of a property. The study is a comprehensive inventory of site components, whose purpose is to give an estimate of the replacement and/or repair costs for site work, building construction, and furnishings over a set life expectancy. The quality of materials …