Innovation in Light Design – Visual Lighting

In most New Jersey municipalities, there are minimum lighting requirements for roadways, parking lots, and outdoor recreational areas. These requirements exist to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians traveling through the area. So, Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects prepare lighting plans to demonstrate compliance with these requirements, when applicable.

Here at WJH Engineering, we are constantly re-investing in our employees and their ability to create plans of the highest quality. This month, we started using Visual Lighting, a new program for creating lighting plans. With the program’s new and improved operating system, it is able to calculate lighting levels across entire subdivisions in a matter of seconds! This cutting-edge software will help our design team add lighting fixtures into projects and design layouts with ease.

Several of our design professionals are currently training with this new lighting software. Once this training is complete, we will be able to prepare lighting plans without the help of outside consultants. This will be beneficial to all of our clients, as it will help us create finished plans quicker than ever before. Furthermore, since our office will be taking full control of all future lighting designs, our clients will have greater influence on the style of lights that are used on a site and the budget that is allocated for them. If you are looking for a company that offers a wide range of engineering expertise, contact WJH Engineering today!