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Live, Work and Play in Asbury Point

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We’ve talked before about the current trend of Live. Work. Play developments. Now we get to take this a step further and contribute to the planning of one! Asbury Park will be welcoming this new modern neighborhood, Asbury Point. Asbury Point will bring to fruition the vision of a forward-thinking owner, a progressive city and many talented design professionals. Asbury Point will …

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Project Spotlight – North Brunswick NJ

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At WJH we are equally adept at planning single-family homes to designing large commercial sites. One of our larger projects started in 2015 and is still ongoing today. In July 2015, a fire occurred that devastated the 600,000+ square foot warehouse on Livingston Avenue in North Brunswick NJ. A dedicated team of contractors quickly acted to demolish the remaining structures …

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Live. Work. Play

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In stark contrast to the McMansions discussed in our last blog, these three words have been increasingly used to describe the trending Mixed-Use projects that we’re working on today. In the past, Mixed-Use Developments consisted of a residential component and a commercial component being integrated into one site. Many times, in urban areas, apartments or condos were built over retail …

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Will McMansions Ever Make a Comeback?

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During the last housing bubble, we saw large homes that seemed to be getting larger and larger. This led to the term “McMansion” being born. A “McMansion” (a play on the McDonald’s supersized culture) refers to a large house in a tract-built subdivision. These houses were sometimes constructed using a combination of low-quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as utilizing …

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Top 7 Tips for Claims Professionals

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As Forensic Engineers we are paid for our opinions and observations of sites, structures, properties, etc. We utilize our problem-solving methodology learned in college and honed through experience. However, there are many “tools” or “tips” we use that non-Engineers can use as well, such as: Look at cracks in concrete- is there paint in them?  If so- they probably didn’t …