Operation & Maintenance Manual maintenance activities for all stormwater management systems

WJH’s O&M Manuals

Most of our projects include the design of stormwater management systems, which can include detention basins, underground recharge systems, rain gardens, and more. However, in addition to the design and construction of these systems, it is imperative to keep in mind the day-to-day operation and recurring maintenance of these systems, to allow their continued ability to treat the stormwater runoff of a site.

To accomplish this, we created an Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manual, which is required by NJDEP & local municipalities. Contained in an O&M Manual are the contact information of owner(s) and responsible parties of a site, the typical maintenance activities to be performed for all stormwater management systems of a site, an inspection schedule of the systems, a detailed description of the systems and how stormwater is conveyed to them, and maintenance/inspection forms for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections. Typical inspection items include checking for any unwanted, poisonous or invasive vegetation; rodent holes; defects or structural damage; erosion; and accumulated sediment, trash and/or debris. On an inspection form, one would indicate if an item is in satisfactory or unsatisfactory condition, and note if a repair or replacement is required. Common appendices to an O&M Manual may include Grading & Drainage Plans, Construction Details, and/or specifications of a drainage device.

The value of an O&M Manual is that it allows the owner submitting it to meet state and municipal compliance once approved. Also, the manual contains pertinent information required for one operating a site: what parties to contact in the case of an emergency, the frequency of inspections and the maintenance actions needed, and how the stormwater management systems function. By having these frequent maintenance inspections, which typically yield smaller repairs, it will avoid an owner the cost of a larger repair, which would likely occur if maintenance was not upheld.

Here at WJH, we are experienced in designing stormwater management systems and creating detailed O&M Manuals to ensure their long-term use. Contact us for your next project today!