Top 10 Rules of Communication

At WJH, we value our clients greatly. One of the great tenants of the relationships with our clients is our ability to communicate succinctly and clearly. Below, please find our WJH’s Top 10 Rules of Communication that our team utilizes when beginning any engineering project we are contracted to perform.

  1. Keep client informed of project status

  2. Follow up with outside agencies

  3. Communicate internally so all required team members are up to date on the project.

  4. Pick up the phone when an email is not effective.

  5. Respond within 1 business day to all forms of communication.

  6. Prepare line by line response letters to all reviews.

  7. Treat all clients with the same level of respect.

  8. Advise the client as soon as possible when a design challenge occurs or a deadline will slip.

  9. Review your email prior to sending for grammar, spelling, and context.

  10. Coordinate with the client regarding additional work, scope, and fee.

Our talented team of forensic & civil engineers follows these ten steps on a daily basis. It  allows us to work effectively by following our internal procedures while serving as a constant reminder on how to keep our clients top-of-mind to achieve their goals in the clearest ways. To begin a project with our team and experience the ten steps be brought to life, contact us today!