Continuing Education at WJH Engineering

Skilled workers are an essential asset for any business. They play an important role in developing a company’s reputation and ongoing success. Being in a field as dynamic and innovative as civil engineering and surveying, it is of utmost importance that our employees are familiar with the latest programs and standards used in the industry.

To kick off the new year, WJH is investing heavily in its employee training. All of the company’s surveyors, drafters, and engineers are taking a 9-week course with ZenTek Consultants on Civil 3D & CAD standards. This course covers a wide range of skills and techniques civil designers and surveyors use on their day-to-day. The purpose behind this investment is simple: minimizing errors made during the design process will increase our overall productivity and help us create higher quality plans. Even for experienced employees, this training will serve as a refresher on some important techniques, and introduce them to new methods of automating tasks.

By the end of this training course, all WJH Engineering team members will be up to date with the latest CAD technology. If you are a contractor or land developer and you are looking for an Engineering and Surveying company that can provide a high level of value through an efficient use of technology, contact us today!