What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architects design outdoor spaces within housing developments, urban areas, campuses, and recreational facilities. Their work takes social and natural processes into consideration to establish harmony between human communities and the natural environment they are set in.

The importance of landscape architects has increased in recent years due to the growing concern for climate change and natural disasters. A landscape architect’s design should prioritize environmental conservation, and proposed landscaping should protect the health and well-being of the existing ecosystem where a project is located. For example, in areas that are prone to wildfires, a skilled landscape architect would propose plant species that are fire resistant. Likewise, in more fragile ecosystems, certain invasive plant species should be avoided.

Precautionary measures like these ensure that human communities retain their original beauty for decades to come. Here at WJH Engineering we have two landscape architects who are well versed in the world of urban design. With their expertise and the collective talent at WJH, we are able to create unique designs that integrate into the environment around them with ease.