What is Water Quality Treatment?

In recent years, there has been more of an emphasis on water  quality treatment in stormwater management systems. The term ‘water  quality’ refers to the condition of the water, including its chemical,  physical, and biological properties, with respect to its intended use  (whether it be for drinking, swimming, or agricultural uses).  

Typically, water quality treatment is addressed through the  installation of a green infrastructure BMP (Best Management Practices).  These green infrastructure BMPs help to remove the total suspended  solids (TSS), or contaminant particles, from stormwater runoff. The New  Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) requires 80%  TSS removal for adequate water quality treatment.  

Fortunately for developers, there are many kinds of green  infrastructure BMPs that can be implemented seamlessly into our  communities. Some examples of green infrastructure BMPs include:  

  • Rain gardens and planter’s boxes  
  • Porous Pavement  
  • Green roofs / rainwater harvesting systems  
  • Constructed wetlands.  

WJH Engineering is always finding creative ways to incorporate  green infrastructure into our stormwater management systems. If you are  looking for an engineering company that can find unique solutions to  modern environmental conflicts, contact WJH Engineering today!