Are You Paying Too Much for Site Lighting?

Did you know a standard 100-watt cobra street light can add approximately $130.00 to your  electricity bill each year? This annual expense comes in addition to the installation cost of the fixture and  other maintenance/repair fees. On occasion, a lighting manufacturer will assist civil engineers in preparing  lighting plans. This helps the manufacturing company promote their lights, and it allows engineers to focus  more of their time and energy on other aspects of a project. However, if an engineer has a certain vision for  a site, it is important for that engineer to be involved with all aspects of the design. That way if changes are  made during the design process, the engineer can be sure that the project is consistent in all facets.  

Last year, WJH employees completed training with a program called Visual Lighting. This program  gives us the ability to prepare all of our lighting plans in-house, without input from lighting manufacturers.  Now that this training is complete, we will be able to work closer with our clients to make sure our lighting  design meets their needs. Furthermore, since our office will be taking full control of all lighting layouts,  our clients will have more say on the style of lights that are used throughout a site. Whether you are operating a small business or if you are planning a major subdivision, WJH Engineering assures that you  do not pay for more lighting than you need. If you are looking for a company that offers a wide range of  engineering expertise, contact WJH Engineering today!