workplace culture

The WJH Workplace Culture

When someone is on the hunt for a new job, a major point of consideration – and often the first thing asked in interviews is “What is the workplace culture?” People tend to care about this because it is indicative of a given company’s leadership style, values, and traditions. At WJH, we are proud of our small workplace culture where our team is in constant collaboration and focused on keeping positive, can-do attitudes.

We believe that our company culture should be woven into our hiring process. At WJH, we allow our candidates to experience this culture by interacting with as many employees as possible throughout the entire hiring process. This ensures the candidate is comfortable with the WJH culture and that we at WJH collectively feel the candidate is a fit with us as well.

Some of the defining features of our culture are:

  • Support for personal and professional growth through tuition reimbursement and paid seminars and conferences.
  • Support of philanthropic causes through financial contributions and a paid volunteer day each year.
  • Support for each other through no single fault when mistakes occur and team-wide celebration of successes.
  • And of course- there is the choice of BIRTHDAY CAKES!!

Email us with some of your company’s traditions and/or examples of your workplace culture. If you are looking to experience our culture and work in a great environment- we are always looking to hire!