live work play

Live. Work. Play

In stark contrast to the McMansions discussed in our last blog, these three words have been increasingly used to describe the trending Mixed-Use projects that we’re working on today.

In the past, Mixed-Use Developments consisted of a residential component and a commercial component being integrated into one site. Many times, in urban areas, apartments or condos were built over retail space. In suburban areas, this usually consisted of high-density housing apartments and/or townhomes being built adjacent to or behind retail or office buildings. This type of development reduced reliance on vehicles as residents could shop and potentially work without driving to the store or their office.

The current trend of Live. Work. Play developments take this one step farther. These mixed-use developments incorporate a residential space, usually, apartments or condominiums (Live) with office space (Work) and Recreational or Lifestyle amenities (Play) – such as pet washes, pet parks, event spaces, and fitness trails or gyms are also included. This truly has the potential of creating a small “city” type of community where people can Live, Work and Play without the need to drive or travel far for the things they need.

Have you seen or heard of any of these types of developments near you? Do you think this is a good idea, or too contrived? Do you live in a Live.Work.Play community? We’d like to hear from you!

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