how to save money and time with wjh

How To Save Money & Time with WJH

1.    Communication

2.    Communication!

3.    Communication!!

4.    Communication!!!

5.    Communication!!!!

Did we effectively communicate our point?

So, exactly how does communication assist in advancing our projects? In regards to Professional Services, such as Engineering, Surveying, Forensics, and Landscape Architecture, the presumption is that we are all good at technical tasks. That we have many years of education and training, have been licensed by our residing state(s), and are insured. Of course this is all true.

What experienced clients know, and new clients learn, is COMMUNICATION is what separates a “Good Professional” from a “Bad Professional”.  On any given project or assignment, good communication can:

a.  Save Money (“What type of light fixture would you like us to specify?”)

b.  Save Time (“Your report is completed- do you want us to mail it, FedEx it or do you want to pick it up?”)

c.   Save Headaches (“Your contractor just called- he has a problem in the field- we are working on a solution and will advise you both by the end of the day.”)

We adapt our communication medium to our client’s needs- whether they prefer email, phone, cell, or text.  Conference calls can be initiated by our office when required, and video chats or screen shares are also utilized.

In fact, the Asbury Park Press wrote an article about our commitment to communication and customer service-

So, when working with WJH (or any other company), know that communicating your wants and needs is the key to completing a successful project.