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In stark contrast to the McMansions discussed in our last blog, these three words have been increasingly used to describe the trending Mixed-Use projects that we’re working on today. In the past, Mixed-Use Developments consisted of a residential component and a commercial component being integrated into one site. Many times, in urban areas, apartments or condos were built over retail …

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Will McMansions Ever Make a Comeback?

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During the last housing bubble, we saw large homes that seemed to be getting larger and larger. This led to the term “McMansion” being born. A “McMansion” (a play on the McDonald’s supersized culture) refers to a large house in a tract-built subdivision. These houses were sometimes constructed using a combination of low-quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as utilizing …

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Top 7 Tips for Claims Professionals

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As Forensic Engineers we are paid for our opinions and observations of sites, structures, properties, etc. We utilize our problem-solving methodology learned in college and honed through experience. However, there are many “tools” or “tips” we use that non-Engineers can use as well, such as: Look at cracks in concrete- is there paint in them?  If so- they probably didn’t …

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How To Save Money & Time with WJH

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1.    Communication 2.    Communication! 3.    Communication!! 4.    Communication!!! 5.    Communication!!!! Did we effectively communicate our point? So, exactly how does communication assist in advancing our projects? In regards to Professional Services, such as Engineering, Surveying, Forensics, and Landscape Architecture, the presumption is that we are all good at technical tasks. That we have many years of education and training, have been licensed by our residing state(s), and are insured. Of course this is all true. What experienced …

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Is it Forensic Engineering or Crime Scene Investigation?

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The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) defines Forensic Engineering as “The application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures or other performance problems.” It’s part crime scene investigation and part engineering, making it an interesting and fulfilling field. As Engineers, we are trained to solve problems. When it comes to a Forensic Engineer’s “problem” it is not always …

The Civil Engineering Career Path

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It all starts in college. Once a potential engineer decides on engineering as a career choice, and they want to become licensed, they must attend an accredited college. Mine was Drexel University, but I considered The Air Force Academy, Hofstra University and the University of Delaware. During their senior year, potential engineers take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. This is …