Civil 3D’s Cut-Fill Capabilities

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a very intricate program that is widely used in the Civil Engineering and Surveying Professions. Throughout the years, this program has been optimized to expedite the design process and new capabilities have been added to assist civil engineers in a wide range of tasks.

One capability that our team at WJH Engineering utilizes to provide value to our clients is Civil 3D’s Cut and Fill Analysis. This tool utilizes survey data to compare pre-developed grading conditions with the proposed site layout. By using this tool, our team can estimate the volume of soil to be removed and the volume of fill soil required across a development. These estimates can help developers predict their expenses before breaking ground on a new project. Once a Cut and Fill Analysis is complete, a project may also be adjusted to better manage the soil haul. Efforts like these can greatly reduce costs throughout the construction phase of a project.

The newest addition to WJH Engineering is Jonathan Zee. Jonathan is a licensed Autodesk Professional with over 10 years of experience in the fields of Civil Engineering and Surveying. Jonathan is well versed with AutoCAD’s cut-fill capabilities, and his insight will help WJH Engineering provide accurate analyses to its clients. If you are looking for an engineering firm that offers a wide range of engineering expertise, contact WJH Engineering today!