new jersey permit extension act

New Jersey Permit Extension Act of 2020 – Why You Should Start a New Project Now

On June 30, 2020, Governor Murphy signed the Permit Extension Act (PEA)of 2020 into law.  This law extends certain permits approvals and deadlines for a “Covid-19 Extension Period”.  This can result in prolonged permits and approvals for the amount of time that the Public Health Emergency is in effect.  It also allows municipalities longer periods of time to act on completeness and approvals.


The extension of permits and approvals is certain to be a relief for our clients ready to start projects.  However, our clients who are ready to begin the approval process may be delayed.  At WJH, we have experienced most of our projects progress on the municipal level at near “pre-COVID” speed.  However, other state approvals are somewhat delayed, due mostly to budgetary constraints resulting in the furloughing of staff.


Now is a good time to start any land development project you have been contemplating.  The approval process is lengthy and unpredictable to begin with, and the PEA will likely add to this.  WJH Engineering is ready & prepared to assist you with navigating this process. Call us today to pull the trigger & get started on your next project!

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