summer storm claims solution

The Solution to Summer Storm Claims

Summer is a time of year that brings sunny weather, hot temperatures, and humidity. That trifecta of weather often blends together to form strong and damaging Summer storms and even hurricanes. When a storm blows through, it brings with it a whole lot of damage and a drops a pile of claims on your desk! The next time a pile of claims gets added to your already crazy workload, WJH Engineering is here to help you move those claims off your desk!

WJH is Here for You to Help:

  • Assess Damages
  • Determine Structure Safety
  • Execute Demolition
  • Provide a Cause and Origin Investigation

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Structural Determinations
  • Fire Cause and Origin
  • HVAC Failure Investigations

Our Guarantee:

  • We will contact the insured within 1 calendar day of receiving an assignment
  • We will schedule a site visit within 5 business days of contacting the insured
  • We will provide our report within 10 days of our site visit


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