How We Solve Problems The WJH Way

In March, WJH was authorized to perform survey and mapping services for H2M Architects and Engineers. We were brought on to support them in their RENEW 2020 water main replacement project for Middlesex Water Company. For our part, WJH Engineering will be field surveying 22,000 linear feet (that’s more than 16 laps on a track!) of roadway through various streets in Woodbridge, NJ.


Challenges We Faced

  • Work was set to begin on the first day of New Jersey’s work from home order
  • A compressed delivery date was required to meet the client’s demand


Problem Solving the WJH Way

We immediately reached out the New Jersey Board of Professional Land Surveyors, the New Jersey State Police and our client to receive clarification. After doing so, surveying was deemed exempt from the work from order and considered a part of Essential Critical Infrastructure. Thankfully, we were able to commence on time.


Whether it’s a site plan, survey, forensic assignment of even a government shutdown – we’re up to the challenge and to solve whatever problem it is the WJH Way!