project spotlight north brunswick

Project Spotlight – North Brunswick NJ

At WJH we are equally adept at planning single-family homes to designing large commercial sites. One of our larger projects started in 2015 and is still ongoing today.

In July 2015, a fire occurred that devastated the 600,000+ square foot warehouse on Livingston Avenue in North Brunswick NJ. A dedicated team of contractors quickly acted to demolish the remaining structures and prepare the site for a re-build. WJH partnered with local professionals to expeditiously prepare design plans for a modern two-building facility. The landscaping, buffering, lighting and stormwater management all received substantial upgrades. We received approval from the Planning Board in one night and the same team of contractors quickly began construction. The reconstruction is still ongoing but is expected to be completed in the upcoming months.

Our clients can rely on our highly-skilled staff to solve the most complex technical and compliance issues quickly and efficiently. We value hard work, responsibility, and precision. At WJH, collaboration and communication are key. Our staff ensures that our services are consistently rendered with speed, skill, and most importantly, the satisfaction of our clients.

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