The Civil Engineering Career Path

It all starts in college. Once a potential engineer decides on engineering as a career choice, and they want to become licensed, they must attend an accredited college. Mine was Drexel University, but I considered The Air Force Academy, Hofstra University and the University of Delaware.

During their senior year, potential engineers take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. This is the first test required to become a licensed Professional Engineer. This exam tests on everything potential engineers have learned since Kindergarten. Once a passing grade is received, the person becomes an Engineer in Training (E.I.T.). Then an EIT must obtain at least 4 years of experience, under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). After 4 years of experience is achieved the candidate is required to submit proof of their experience, and if accepted by the governing board, is allowed to sit for the Principles and Practices of Engineering (P.E.) exam. The PE is a license that protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public. It sets the standards, codes, and regulations that engineers have to practice under. This test is more practical than the FE. Once a passing grade is received, they are now licensed Professional Engineers!

Civil Engineering is a broad discipline. Engineers can take many technical paths through their career, being exposed to Site/Civil engineering, Forensic Engineering, Structural Engineering, Traffic Engineering, etc. In addition to the technical paths, there are managerial/business paths as well. Many Engineers excel at performing technical work and prefer to do this their entire career. Others prefer sales positions where they provide product manufacturers with sales support. Others settle in as municipal engineers with more of an administrative role. Most end up as managers or partners/owners.

At WJH Engineering, we support the full development of the Engineer, however, they want to develop. As a part of the WJH team, you will have entered a small workplace culture where you will collaborate as a team, learn and develop with senior team members and be challenged to work on a variety of projects. Contact us today for open positions!